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Observations of a Warm Spring

fter a number of seasons where the start of Spring has been either cold, wet or even both it makes a pleasant change to have a warm and settled period of weather to the start of a season. This year, 2014, looks to be about 4 weeks ahead of last year and about 2 weeks ahead of […]

Honey Extraction and Bottling

I have extracted the honey in the supers from my colonies. In all there were 12 supers but most were around half full, at least the majority were capped off. About 8 were uncapped and I didn’t extract these as the water content might lead to fermentation problems later with the bottled honey (don’t ask me […]

Taking off the supers – Honey Yield Down

I took the supers off today ready for extracting in a week or so. At this stage I have 12 supers but quite a few are only about half full. I find it quite difficult to estimate how much honey I will finally get – normally I’m a bit too optimistic. So my guess would […]

Collecting Swarms

I had 2 swarm calls on the same day this week – I guess as the weather had turned nice the bees decided to take off. Both of them were within 600m of each other so I thought that there were likely castes from the same colony. How wrong; both full size swarms – one […]

Swarming and Prevention with Clipped Queen

I inspected one of my colonies on Saturday late afternoon and found a number of queen cells – 2 sealed, 4 unsealed and 5 with eggs in them. The queen cells had been raised in the 5 day period since my last inspection. The queen was still present and there were 3 frames of brood […]

Queen Rearing – Wilson Technique

One of my colonies has reached the stage where I expect it might begin its own swarming activities if I don’t intervene. The colony, Aqua, was on a double brood box with 12 frames of brood and 1 super. So I decided to carry out a variation of the Wilson technique (see for the full […]

Apidea – Trials and Tribulations

My endeavours with queen rearing in the two Apideas doesn’t seem to be working out. They have drawn the frames out very well and seem to have enough stores. The apidea with a ripe queen cell seems to have hatched out but I can’t see any sign of the queen and it’s probably too soon […]

Swarm Control – Using a Modified Snelgrove Board Part 3

I managed to dodge the showers to complete the last stage of the swarm control activity with the modified Snelgrove board I started 10 days ago. I inspected the queen raiser brood box and found six capped queen cells, of which three were reasonably sized. So kept one, cut out two others for the apideas […]