Colony Inspection 30th June

Heatwave continues with temperatures getting to 30C. Shows what a difference a week can make – panic over about whether I have mated queens in Aqua and Flax. Need to learn to be more patient. Took Denim (old queen from Aqua) to Mole River site in anticipation if uniting with Flax – but as there was a laying queen decided to put into full size box.

Rose-bay Willowherb just starting to appear as well as Hebe and Buddleia – ahead of when it should be out. No sign of a June gap this year.

Bees have been bring in a lot of honey – needed to add 3 supers.


Total Supers in use – 9, 3 full, 3 partially full and 3 added this week

Colony Inspection 17th June

Been away for week and the weather has remained very good all week. Mock orange now in flower (not good for bees but a good indicator for the season).

Bait hive is definitely occupied. Didn’t inspect A as the new queen will be yet to be mated.

Also picked up a very large swarm and brought back to home apiary.

Colony Inspection 10th June

Weather has been warm all week. Put out bait hive and also gave a swarm box to our swarm collector.

Update – bait hive looks to be occupied just 2 days after setting up

Elderflower finishing and geranium in full flower.

Colony Inspection 23rd June

Mini heatwave on. Bramble now in flower everywhere  and lots of activity around the hives.

Well it looks like Aqua reared 3 queens judging by the opened queen cells. In my rush before I went away I didn’t do a good job taking down the QCs. Also now think that the bait hive (Indigo) probably captured one of the cast swarms from Aqua. So not many bees left in Aqua and not bring in much stores. Thinking back they probably din’t have enough space and I should have acted sooner.

Colony Inspection 15th April 2018

Has been a very wet and cold start to Spring, probably 2-3 weeks later than average.So initial inspection was to see what state the colonies were in and whether they still had sufficient stores. Main worry will be lack of pollen given the weather.

Colony Inspection – 29th June

This was the day I decided to make up the nucs ahead of the 3 Buckfast queens coming in on the 30th.

Didn’ t go to plan as the bees were really ratty and got stung around 10 times. Also struggled to find the queen in 2 of the e 3 colonies.

Aqua isn’t swarming. Saw queen, marked and clipped her. However, marking was very poorly done and need to see if the bees continue to accept her.

After unites should have 5 colonies and will re-queen 2  and let 1 expand to full colony

Colony Inspection 24th June

Weather has been very hot all week, temperatures up to 32C. Bramble is nearly over. Have decided to buy in 3 Buckfast queens so starting to assess which colonies to re-queen. Finally starting to see some honey being put into the supers.

Varroa count in E very high, need to treat. Especially in light of email from NBU saying this was now a widespread problem owing to mild Winter.

Swarm from bait hive re-housed and now Denim.