Colony Inspection – 11th June


Still quite a few showers, but plenty of blossom out. Geraniums and poppies in the garden covered in bees. Temperature is starting to warm up at last. Decided I needed to use the new queens to sort out the colonies that are struggling. With the bad weather the bees have been consuming stores and there seems to be less in the supers – not that there was much any way.


Need to unite Cyan and Denim as they show no signs of a queen and the Apideas both have had laying queens for over a week now. United on 12th June at Slyfield and introduced queen from AP1 in a travelling cage. Check in one week to ee if accepted and doing OK. Then decide whether to leave at Slyfield or bring home.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY6 frames, only 1 kg in supernot seen the queen for some time. plenty of spacefind queen
BlueYY4 frames still, but expanded pattern. Lots of eggstaken down stores from the united swarm boxClipped queencheck queen still OK
CyanNNno brood and no queen seen plentydoesn't look to have a queen so will unite with Dunited with D on 12th June
DenimNNsame as Cyanplenty on frameswill unite with Cyanunited with Cyan on 12th June
EmeraldYY7 frames of BIAS1Kg in superremarked queen. Removed drone trap - 26 in 100. check queen OK and treat with oxalic acid
FlaxNYsmall amount of sealed brood, no eggs or larvae. No queenplentydecided to add queen from Ap2check queen accepted and continuing to lay
GreenYY5 frames of brood, mostly eggs and larvaeplenty in brood boxgoing well, made box up to 11 framescheck for expansion