Colony Inspection – 11th May


Weather continues to be on the cool side.

Decided to perform queen rearing with colony A and will try and use a Cloake board method for the first time. First step was to make up the Cloake board using one of the varroa slides as the dividing partition.

  1. Day 1 a.m. – Moved brood frames into top brood box and kept queen in lower box below QE. Added Cloake board between 2 brood boxes with the slide removed.
  2. Day 1 p.m. – Added grafting bar frame and full frame feeder into top box. opened bottom entrance at 90 to original (no room at back for 180), put slide in  and opened up Cloake board entrance facing front.
  3. Day 2 – Took out grafting bar and grafted 10 larvae. Replaced in top box and topped up feeder.
  4. Day 3 –  9 out of 10 grafts taken. Filled frame feeder for 3rd time. Took out Cloake slide and closed bottom entrance.
Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY9 frames spread over 2 boxesplenty and feeding queen raiser boxstarting Cloake board queen rearingcheck queen rearing progressing in 10 days
BlueYYstill only 4 small patches of brood. Not expandingOKwill need to re-queen or unite.check whether till not growing
FlaxYY4 frames eggsplentyfound old queen above QE in super with 3 additional frames brood.. So raised a new queen below QE!new queen very orange and a nice size.
EmeraldYNnoneOKdecided to unite with old queen from F in super. So did newspaper unite. Banked non-laying queen.check if unite is sucessful and kill off old queen