Colony Inspection 15th April 2018


Has been a very wet and cold start to Spring, probably 2-3 weeks later than average.So initial inspection was to see what state the colonies were in and whether they still had sufficient stores. Main worry will be lack of pollen given the weather.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
EmeraldYY3 frames with small patches of brood, quite a few eggs. about 3 Kgs in superqueen nicely markedcheck for brood expansion
FlaxNY2 mall patches of brood, including drone cellsplenty in brood box.might be queenless given state of brood.check for queen.
AquaNY4 frames of brood, lot of larvaeplenty in brood framesnice docile beescheck for queen
BlueNY3 frames of brooda lot in brood boxnot sure if it is in a good statecheck for queen and expansion
CyanNYnot much and not many cells cappedlots as it's over 2 boxesnot sure if it's queenlessconsider donating frame of eggs from A