Colony Inspection – 18th June


Weather has been very hot this past week temperatures 29C. Bramble is now out and the bees have been very active foraging.

Was away for the weekend and came back to find the bait is now occupied. After inspecting my colonies I can see it is not a swarm from one of mine. Moved to home apiary.

Apideas are on top of Flax with sealed brood. Unite of the first apidea has gone well. But no sign f laying queen

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY7 frames of BIAS, good brood pattern6 kegs and n super. Still OK for spaceHaven't seen queen for unite a few weeks.Add 2nd super
BlueNY5 frames of BIAS. Expanded brood pattern at last OK In brood box, nothing in superStarting to grow. Still not a lot of bees.Replace 3 grotty empty brood frames
CyanNY1 frame of eggs, 3 queen cups with eggs Plenty in brood boxUnite has gone OK, surprised no unsealed brood, maybe queen was slowly releasedCheck for larvae. Add QE and super
EmeraldNY7 frames of BIAS3 kgs in superExpanded brood pattern Check for space
FlaxNNNo eggs, queen released from cagePlenty in brood framesApideas had a queen cell each in themCheck for brood
GreenYY7 frames of BIAS, 1 egg in queen cupPlenty in framesExpanded very fastAdd QE and super