Colony Inspection 24th June


Weather has been very hot all week, temperatures up to 32C. Bramble is nearly over. Have decided to buy in 3 Buckfast queens so starting to assess which colonies to re-queen. Finally starting to see some honey being put into the supers.

Varroa count in E very high, need to treat. Especially in light of email from NBU saying this was now a widespread problem owing to mild Winter.

Swarm from bait hive re-housed and now Denim.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY7 frames of BISS, but 3 charged queen cells. Lots of eggs Around 10KgsOut of space, so added super and moved frame foundation to centre of brood boxCheck if swarming signs continue
BlueYY4 frames, but not expandingPlenty in brood boxplenty of beesRe-queen and unite old box to Denim
CyanNY4 framesA lot in the brood boxAdded super and Queen excluderLooks OK , re-queen candidate as F is still queenless
DenimNY2 frames, eggs and unsealed larvaeA lot in 2 frames, 6KgLooks to be going OKWas the swarm from the bait hive
EmeraldNY7 framesSuper 1/2 full, so added 2nd from FBees were ratty, varroa slide out with average daily drop of 25 mitesNeed to treat for Varroa
FlaxNNNo brood, apart from last bit in Apidea A lot scattered through the 2 brood boxesRemoved some of apidea framesUnite with E
GreenNYAlready on 8 frames in just over 3 weeks!Not muchGoing like a train, added super and Queen excluder and 2nd brood boxMay need to reduce down if taking off a nuc