Colony Inspection – 29th June


This was the day I decided to make up the nucs ahead of the 3 Buckfast queens coming in on the 30th.

Didn’ t go to plan as the bees were really ratty and got stung around 10 times. Also struggled to find the queen in 2 of the e 3 colonies.

Aqua isn’t swarming. Saw queen, marked and clipped her. However, marking was very poorly done and need to see if the bees continue to accept her.

After unites should have 5 colonies and will re-queen 2  and let 1 expand to full colony

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY8 framesStarting to draw 2nd superBadly marked the queen, gave 1 frame sealed brood to nuc 3Check if queen OK
BlueNY5 framesPlentyMade up nuc 3 Check if queen in hive or nuc
CyanNY5 framesPlentyMade up nuc 1: Couldn't find queen, shook in 2 extra frames beeCheck where queen is an understatement the with F
DenimNNNot inspectedNot inspectedLooks OK judging by activityUnite with B and retain queen
EmeraldNNNot inspectedNot inspectedNot inspected Check for space
FlaxNNNo brood in box, a bit hatching out of Apidea framesPlenty in both boxesStill queenlessUnite with Cyan
GreenYY8 frames, not much sealedNothing in superMade Nuc 3, Bees very very ratty, weather conditions very changeableRearrange hive to make up one brood box.