Colony Inspection – 4th June


Weather has been good all week. Lots of sunshine and temperatures in the early 20C range. Still a lot of forage around, geraniums now in flower as well as orange ball buddleja.

Spent the week-end cleaning old frames and boxes – see blog post for details

Decided to inspect all the home apiary colonies – they look to have been busy and saw evidence of mating flights earlier in the week. Pollen being brought in to all the hives. The new swarm looks to be very active and had drawn 5 frames in just 4 days.

The swarm (G) that I added a frame of eggs to from A last week had 3 unsealed queen cells. So was queenless after all and therefore united with B.

The Apideas are both going well, but will need to decide what to do as they will need more space by next week.

Apidea A – laying queen seen. Will need more space.

Apidea B – saw queen but no eggs. Drawn frames are bit wonky and will need more space.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY6 frames of BIAS with a lot of eggs.About 2Kgs in superadded missing frames to brood box to make up to 11.check if need another super
BlueNYStill the 4 patches of broodplentydecided to unite as the first swarm was queenlesscheck if unite is successful
CyanNNno eggs as yet. Also didn't see the queen. plenty on 2 framesAdded frame to make up to 5 frame nuccheck for laying queen
DenimNNno eggs. Also like Cyan didn't see queen.Has been bringing in a lot of pollen.added 5th framecheck for laying queen.
GreenYYfound and marked nice looking queen, was the Slyfield Hse swarm. 2 frames with eggshave taken down all the feed and have plenty of storeshave already drawn frames out in just 4 days.check queen is still laying OK