Colony Inspection – First of 2017


Weather hasn’t been too good. Quite a cold start to Spring.

Blossoms starting to emerge – mainly Crocus and Dandelion. Hazel catkins now finishing. Apple just starting

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY9 frames, very strong colony. Already laying up the drone trap - 10 in 100Starting to work supertook frame of sealed brood to give to B. Added 2nd brood box mid-week and re-arranged frames between the 2 boxes.check to see if need any further changes
BlueNYonly 3 frames of BIAS, not many bees. Stores OK but fed with syrup to try and kickstart.added frame of sealed brood from Acheck for expansion
EmeraldYY6 frames of BIAS 14 x 12starting to build comb in the roof space. Added QE + superlooks to be going wellneed to add brood frame
FlaxYY8 frames of BIAS on DNnot much space, added superre-marked queencheck if queen laying OK