Early June Inspection


Weather has been variable with quite a few showers. Temperature has been in the late teens. Had seen bees carrying pollen into Cyan during the week which indicated that there might well be a laying queen after all – and on inspection there was. Also observed quite a few drones returning flom flying during the mid-afternoon froma two of the colonies.

Decided that as the Apidea at my out apiary had done well – the combs were drawn out fully and there was a lying queen to make up a nuc and introduce her. So took 2 frames of brood and adhering bees from Aqua and shook bees from 2 brood combs of the Denim colony. Made sure I liberally dusted the bees with icing sugar in the hope of avoiding any fighting and moved the5 frame nuc to the out apiary.  Put in a frame feeder and top up with weak 1:1 syrup. Put the queen in a Butler cage and rested between the 2 brood frames.


Bit shocked that on removing the drone trap from Aqua to find 22 mites in 200 cells examined. That’s a very high count so will have to decide if they need treating,  possibly by vaoprising with Oxalic Acid. Not sure if this will be effective with the amount of sealed brood present but don’t really want to do any chemical treatment.

Flowering: Elederberry, dogwood, nasturtium and mock orange

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY8 frames, so still very strongabout 4Kgs in 2nd superremoved drone trap - 22 mites in 200 cells, took out 2 frames of brood and bees for Flax nuccheck on space in supers
BlueYY2 frames of eggs and young larvae plenty in brood framesqueen introduced from Apidea has started to layCheck for continued expansion
CyanNY2 -3 frames of eggs and young larvae - laying queen plenty in brood framesThe new queen has mated and started to layfind queen
DenimYY4 frames of broodabout 6Kgs in old half of brood box and about 1Kg in top superstarting to expand, shook some bees off 2 brood combs into Flax nuccheck if expansion contiues
EmeraldYY5 frames of broodplenty in brood boxplenty of beescheck whether they may need super
FlaxYY2 frames from Aquaframe feedernewly formed nuc with queen from Apidea (orginally from queen cell from Cyan)top up feeder check if queen accepted
GreenYY4 frames plenty in brood boxlooks to be doing OKcheck for expansion
HoneydewYY4 frames of broodplenty in brood boxdrawn 2 of the frames of foundationcheck for continued expanion