End Of May – June Gap Comes Early


Weather this past week has been showery and a bit cool. The bees seem to have slowed down a bit, so looks like the June gap is here. Still plants flowering ahead of normal for this time of year – Blackberry is now coming out. Spring was apparently 3rd warmest on record.

I have queens in both apideas, the second one at River Mole site is not yet laying but is a nice size. I need to introduce the queen from the home apiary apidea into Blue as it is has no brood, supersedure doesn’t appear to have been successful and the bees are very agitated on the combs. So it looks to be queenless. The Cyan colony also appears queenless and if this continues will need to decide next week to introduce the queen from the second apidea (assuming she comes into lay). Not much honey being stored yet, but fingers crossed they start to bring in nectar for the main flow.

Removed varroa slides from 3 colonies and the mite drop count for the week was 1,0,3 – which is low.

Decided to mark all new laying queens and clip last seasons queens.

Flowering: elderflower, blackberry

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY8 frames of brood,about 3kgs in 2nd superclipped queenremove queen raising frame - drone trap and replace with extra frame
BlueNNlooks to be queenlessplentybees very agitated and no brood, removed varroa slide - 1 mite over the weekintroduce laying queen from Apidea?
CyanNY1 frame mainly sealed , was from Aquaabout 3kgs in supermay be queenless. Removed varroa slide - 3 mitescheck for laying queen, possibly introduce queen from apidea.
DenimYY3 frames -so now queen is layingabout 7Kgs in what was old 1/2 brood and 2Kgs in supermarked queen, now single brood box rather than brood and half. Removed varroa slide - no miteschecked brood emerged from half brood box
EmeraldYY3 framesplenty in brood boxmarked queen, moved colony to River Molecheck for expansion
GreenYY5 framesplenty in brood boxsettled into new site wellcheck for progress and whether super required
HoneydewYY4 frames1 full frameclipped queen and moved to full size boxcheck for expansion into new box