Mid May – Home After 2 weeks


Well the weather has been changeable. But looks like after the warm Winter that everything is flowering 2-3 weeks ahead of normal. The weather is set to be settled and very warm for the next week. My bees have certainly been active and bringing in quite a lot of stores. However my swarm avoidance and queen rearing hasn’t gone to plan.

Only one of the Apideas survived, but the resulting queen that is laying is very small. Not sure why the other Apidea didn’t survive, all the bees seem to have perished, maybe the entrance was blocked.

Update: Saturday, 17th – Moved Green 5 frame nuc to out apiary and transferred to full size National box. Also moved Apidea created yesterday with sealed queen cell from Cyan to out apiary.

Currently Chesnut and Hawthorn in flower

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY 8 frames, no let up despite trying to do a Wilson splitAbout 3 Kgs in 2nd superRemoved drone trap - 10 in 100, need to take additional measuresDust with icing sugar, check for laying space
BlueNNTiny amount of sealed brood and 1 sealed queen cellPlenty in the colonyLooks to be superseding, no surpriseCheck for emerged queen
CyanNY4 frames of sealed brood and 5 sealed qc and 1 hatched outAbout 2Kgs in superTook out all sealed qcs and added frame of eggs (spare from Emerald and Flax)Check for laying queen or new QCs
DenimNYSmall amount of sealed broodQuite a lot in 1/2 brood boxLot of hatched out QCs, but still lots of beesCheck if there is an emerged queen still present
EmeraldNNOne half of Wilson queen rearing, No brood, no queen seenLots of nectar and pollenCouldn't see a queen, added sealed qc from CyanCheck if queen emerged
FlaxNNSame as EmeraldPlentyAdded sealed qc from CyanCheck for emerged queen
GreenYY3 frames of broodFilled up 5 framesThis is the queen originally in DenimNeed to move to full size box ASAP
HoneydewYY2 frames of broodPlentyQueen from CyanCheck for space