Mid September Inspection


Well the supers came off just over a week ago. 16 in total with about 11 full. Didn’t manage to inspect the Mole Valley apiary as the feeders are on – Went on lat week as soon as the supers came off as they were all a bit light.

So far: 3 feeds in space of 8 days with 90Kgs of feed going into 4 colonies (2:1 sugar syrup) – this equates to 75Kgs of stores. Spread the feed so that it ranged from 15Kg – 25Kg per colony depending on how light they were.

Home apiary colony still very active now that the weather has improved – temperatures warmer than August around 20-24C. Doesn’t look like they will need much of a feed, hopefully wet supers will be enough. Looks like Blue colony is superceding as there were 2 qcs (1 sealed and 1 about to be capped) with the queen still present and laying. Still a few drones around, so if a virgin does emerge she can mate successfully.


Will need to treat for Varroa with Oxalic Acid vaporiser based upon drone trap result of Aqua and also DEFRA has put out an alert about high mite counts probably as a result of the warm and long Summer.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY5 frames in both brood and super (queen was above the excluder at last inspection)About 20Kgs of stores in combined box and superremoved drone trap - very heavy infestation 50 in 100!need to treat for Varroa.
BlueYY6 frames including eggsAbout 17Kgs of storeslooks to be superceding. Queen (this years) still presentCheck for queen at next visit
CyanNY7 frames, lot of sealed brood22Kgs - very fullgoing very wellclose up for Winter
DenimYY7 + 5 frames, lot of beesAbout 17Kgsvery big still, may need feedcheck on stores
HoneydewNY5 framesabout 15Kgs, may need feedgoing OKmay need feed