Weekly Colony Inspection – Late May


Well the weather has finally started to improve and the bees are much more active. Not much stores added but at least they are foraging and starting to bring in the nectar. Fortunately no other colonies have taken advantage of the more favourable conditions to start swarming activity, hopefully I haven’t spoked too soon!


The Wilson queen rearing was kicked off last week and is going OK, but it’s early days. About 10 sealed queen cells – most were small and so took them out.


Forage: horse chesnut coming to the end, lilac still out, hawthorn is now in full flower

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY3 frames, including lots of eggs, with queen and 6 in the queen raiser.About 3Kgs in super - looks to be improvingAbout 10 sealed QCs in queen raiser - taken down to 4. Will reduce further when I perform final manipulation.mid-week to swap brood boxes around
BlueYY4 frames - expanding at lastAbout 1 KgHave plenty of space so don't need to move to full size brood box just yetCheck for space
CyanYY6 frames of broodAbout 1 Kg in superLoads of pollenremove drone trap, put in varroa slide
GreenNY2 frames of sealed brood. 1 sealed QC and 1 unsealed cell (removed)About 1 Kg in outer framesQC still sealedCheck for emerged queen
LimeYY3 frames of broodAbout 1 Kg in outer framesLooks to be plenty of bees and lots of pollenCheck for expansion
MaroonYY2 frames mainly sealed brood - queen merged but no eggs as yet.About 2 Kg in supersNo sign of QCs in donated frame from last week. Then spotted new queen - very dark.Check for eggs
OrangeYY7 frames of brood - lot of drone cellsAbout 2 Kg in superLot of dromne cells scattered across brood framesCheck brood pattern
PlumYY4 frames with lots of eggs with queen. 2 frames mainly sealed with QR - 1 sealed QCAbout 2 Kgs in superQueen appears to be back layingCheck for emerged queen
IndigoYY8 frames in bottom brood and 5 in top superAbout 2 Kgs in superLooks to be in good shapeAdd super and queen excluder