Weekly Inspection- wet, wet, wet April


Well the weather has continued to bucket it down – apparently wettest April for 100 years! Bit concerned about stores as the bees couldn’t get out to forage. Fortunately all appear to have sufficient and not require feeding.

Also the weather is likely to have an impact on the mating of the queens that I am currently raising. In fact the apidea with a ripe queen cell seems to have a drone layer – so will need to get rid of this fairly soon. The other apidea which had a mated queen in it for a day has raised a rather nice queen cell. Not sure if it is viable, but decided to leave it and see what happens.

The Plum colony split doesn’t seem to have stopped the parent colony with the old queen raising more queen cells. There were a lot of bees and looked to be short of space. So swapped some frames around with the other half and reversed the entrance around to bleed off some brood and bees.

Cistus, Horse Chesnut, Apple and Lilac now starting to blossom

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY7 frames in bottom box and 2 frames in top boxAbout 5Kg - significantly down on fortnight agoStill doing well.Check stores
BlueYY3 frames of brood, lot of eggs - good patternAbout 1Kg on frame Seems to be holding its ownCheck to see if finally expanding
CyanYY8 frames of broodAbout 4 Kg in brood box, none in superDoing OKCheck for stores in super
GreenYY3 frames of brood - 2 charged queen cells and 2 with eggsAbout 3Kg stored in brood boxSurprised that there were QCs - 2 year old queen so may need to re-queen Check for swarming activity
LimeYY3.5 frames of brood - queen laying wellOnly about 1Kg of storesLot of bees for nucCheck for space
MaroonNYAssume it still has some broodAbout 2Kg in superSingle queen cell still sealed so didn't inspectCheck for emerged queen
OrangeYY9 frames of broodAbout 2 Kg in superLooks to be strongest colonyCheck for space
PlumYY6 frames of brood, quite a few eggs but very little unsealed brood. 4 charged queen cells. Queen hatched in bottom box - not seen, no eggsAbout 3 Kgs in brood box.Queen cells present and appear to be crammed with bees - swapped entrance around. Exchanged 2 frames of sealed brood with 2 frames comb from queen raiserCheck for laying queen in lower box and swarm cells in parent colony
IndigoYY6 in brood + 6 in super About 2Kgs in superLooks to be doing well, plenty of beesAdd super and queen excluder