Colony Inspection 10th June


Weather has been warm all week. Put out bait hive and also gave a swarm box to our swarm collector.

Update – bait hive looks to be occupied just 2 days after setting up

Elderflower finishing and geranium in full flower.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY7 frames of BIAS, but 6 charged QCsabout 2 Kgs in superswarming - so put queen in nuc, took down to 1 queen cellleave for 2 weeks
BlueYY6 frames of BIAS, but not many eggsabout 1 Kg in super but being workedstoring nectar in brood framescheck if queen still in lay or preparing to swarm
CyanNY6 frames of BIAS, lot of eggsstill OKnot seen queen for quite a whilefind queen, mark & clip
EmeraldNY7 frames of BIAS, large brood pattern2 Kgs in superexpanded nicelycheck for laying space