Colony Inspection 13th April


Weather has turned colder with temps between 10C – 12C. Lots in flower: quince, Laurel, cherry & dandelion

Aqua has expanded nicely, others are doing OK and 2 are not really growing. Added first super to Aqua.

Will need to keep an eye on Varroa as the 2 colonies that had partially filled drone traps had more than 10% mite counts. Should make sure all the colonies have drone trap combs.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY8 bias, expanded really strongly in just 2 weeksPlenty of storesDrone trap - 16 in 100, added superNeed to check on space- split, unite or donate
CyanYY5 + 4 biasPlenty Need to see if the colony expands to the sidesCheck if expanding
DenimYY4 bias - large patternLots of storesMay need a super Check if still expanding
EmeraldYY5 +4 PlentyRemarked queen, not very wellAdd super
FlaxNY4 bias & expanding patternPlentyNeed to make up to 11 framesAdd 4 missing frames
GreenNY3 bias, not expandingPlentyDrone trap - 6 in 60Check if expanding, add 1 missing frame
HoneydewNYR bias, expandingPlenty of storesStrongest colony on siteCheck for space and if super needed