Colony Inspection 17th June


Been away for week and the weather has remained very good all week. Mock orange now in flower (not good for bees but a good indicator for the season).

Bait hive is definitely occupied. Didn’t inspect A as the new queen will be yet to be mated.

Also picked up a very large swarm and brought back to home apiary.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
BlueYY6 frames of BIASabout 3 Kgs in super , but added 2ndnot much space so scraped full frames and put above cb.remove empty stores frame and check for space
CyanYY6 frames of BIASstill a lot in brood boxmarked and clipped queen, bad tempered colonycheck drone trap as it's being laid up
DenimNY2 BIASone frameold queen from Aqua, moved into 4 frame nucneed to make up to 5 frames and check on progress
EmeraldYY8 frames of BIASStill just 2 Kgs in superneed more space, so gave 1 capped frame to F. Drone trap only 1 in 100check on space
FlaxNNno BIASOKqueen cell hatched out , bees aggressivecheck for laying queen
HoneydewNY1 frame of eggsOK - mainly nectarthis is the swarm from Langaller La. drawn 9 frames of foundation already!put super on just in case
IndigoNNdidn't inspect fr queenOKbuilding brace comb into brood box, so moved above cb and added extra framescheck for laying queen