Colony Inspection 18th May


Weather finally changed with the past week being average for the time of year. Previous 3 weeks were again very wet.

Chestnut is just finishing

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY8 frames with large brood pattern. Few queen cups, 1 with eggplenty in brood frames, added supernot enough space, so removed drone trap frame and gave to C and replaced with frame of foundationcheck for space, consider splitting
BlueYY7 frames broodnot much space in brood box , so building into roof spaceadded supercheck for laying space
CyanNY3 frames brooda lot of stores as it was on 2 brood boxesstarted to consolidate into one brood boxcheck for queen
EmeraldYY4 frames of brood.about 1.5 Kgs in super - no changenot expanded very muchcheck if starting to grow
FlaxYY3 medium size patches of broodplenty in brood framesnot queenless, but not many bees, so are struggllingmark & clip queen