Colony Inspection 23rd June


Mini heatwave on. Bramble now in flower everywhere  and lots of activity around the hives.

Well it looks like Aqua reared 3 queens judging by the opened queen cells. In my rush before I went away I didn’t do a good job taking down the QCs. Also now think that the bait hive (Indigo) probably captured one of the cast swarms from Aqua. So not many bees left in Aqua and not bring in much stores. Thinking back they probably din’t have enough space and I should have acted sooner.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY5 frames capped brood, not sure if any eggsstill 2 Kgs in supernot as many bees, so not bringing in much new storescheck for laying queen, possible unite
BlueYY7 frames of BIASbring in lots of honey - 8 Kgs in 1 super and 2Kgs in 2ndhave drawn frame of foundation from last week and laying it upcheck if 3rd super needed, move brood stores above crownboard
DenimNYstill 2 frames of BIAS1 framenot many bees suspect that they have mainly gone back to Aquacheck if expanding
EmeraldNY8 frames BIASabout 8Kgs in superlaying up foundation from last weekadd 2nd super
FlaxNNno BIAS yet, not sure if there is a mated queenOKbees aggressive, so not sure about queen presentcheck for laying queen and maybe unite with old nuc (Denim)
HoneydewNY4 frames of BIAS, 3 eggs, 1 larvaestarted working super so made to 11 framesgoing really wellfind queen
IndigoNY4 frames BIAs, not many eggsOKmoved frames around to keep brood central, put on mesh floorcheck for expansion