Colony Inspection 24th April


Inspected the home colonies after being away over Easter. Weather has been very warm and a lot of plants in flower: Dandelion, apple, buddleia just starting. The forecast is set to get much colder so it’s just as well the bees seem to have been bringing in plenty of stores.

Colonies are expanding nicely and Aqua is close to running out of laying space. Adding first of supers which is earlier than normal.

Need to clean up some of last years frames to allow for colony expansion.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY8 full frames plus eggs in a 9th frame. 5 QCs Vuitton egg in them plus 4 empty onesAbout 2Kg in superNeed more space, so either split, 2nd brood box or Pagden at week-endDecide on strategy. Remove DT in a weeks time.
CyanYY7 + 6 so expanding nicely and building outwardsPlentyHas come on very stronglyAdd super plus DT frame (super)
DenimNY7 frames, expanded really well.Plenty with 3 brood frames from last year. Added superNeed to give more space and add in some foundation framesReplace 3 full frames of stores
EmeraldYY7 + 4 again expanded wellPlenty, added superGoing wellReplace 1 manky DN brood frame