Colony Inspection 28th April


Weather has started to turn cooler. Still plenty of forage around. Went back through Aqua to check on swarming activity and found 3 charged QCs – so started with the modified Wilson/manipulation process I use. Bees were also very nasty – followers.

Examined Mole River apiary site after 2 weeks and was pleasantly surprised at how well the colonies are doing.

Put out the bait hive with 4 old frames from the Blue deadout.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY8 + bit of BIAS.About 2Kg in superMoved 4 frames of early stage BIAS in to QR boxRe-arrange in 8 days and decide on 1 or 2 new colonies
FlaxYY5 BIAS, expanded nicely from 3Starting to make brace comb to store in roof.Added super, made up to 11 framesCheck on expansion
GreenNY5 framesPlenty, will need superExpanded strongly in 2 weeks with large brood patternAdd dummy board, super. Remove drone trap
HoneydewYY6 framesOK, building brace comb for store in roofLot of propolis from Winter - scraped off, added superRe-mark queen (Red)