Colony Inspection 30th June


Heatwave continues with temperatures getting to 30C. Shows what a difference a week can make – panic over about whether I have mated queens in Aqua and Flax. Need to learn to be more patient. Took Denim (old queen from Aqua) to Mole River site in anticipation if uniting with Flax – but as there was a laying queen decided to put into full size box.

Rose-bay Willowherb just starting to appear as well as Hebe and Buddleia – ahead of when it should be out. No sign of a June gap this year.

Bees have been bring in a lot of honey – needed to add 3 supers.


Total Supers in use – 9, 3 full, 3 partially full and 3 added this week

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY1 frame BIAS, eggs only so just started layingstarting to draw 2nd super, 1st fullmade up to 11 frames (others in nuc), nice size queen - marked and clippedcheck queen OK
BlueYY7 frames BIAS, not much laying space2 full supers, added 3rdmay need to move brood stores frame out for more spacecheck for space
CyanNY8 BIAS, expanded very rapidly from last timeabout 1 KG in super, not fully drawntemper improved from previous weekcheck for laying space
DenimNY2 BIAS1 framedrawing other frames. Moved to Mole River apiary site and put into full size boxcheck if settled into new site, add 2 frames + drone trap
EmeraldYY8 frames of BIAS. about 8 Kgs in super, added 2ndneed to keep an eye on spacecheck drone trap frame, add frame foundation
FlaxYY2 1/2 frames - mostly eggs and some unsealed larvaeOKbees were a bit aggressivefind queen and mark/clip
HoneydewYY6 frames of BIAS - going really wellalready 3Kgs in supernice size queen - marked and clippedcheck if need 2nd super
IndigoNY5 frames of BIASstarting to build brace comb for stores upwards, so added supernot drawn out side frames yetadd 2 frames + DT frame to make to 11 frames