Colony Inspection 3rd June


Weather still above average and now quite warm.
Elderberry in flower.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY8 BIAs and 1 egg in queen cup. Large brood patternabout 2 Kgs in superlooks to be very activecheck for space
BlueYY6 frames of BIAS and 1 charged queen cell (took down)about 1 Kg insupermay need more space, if still swarming/supercedurecheck if really warming or looking to supercede
CyanNY4 frames BIAS with a lot of eggsstill plenty in brood framestemper has improvedcheck on re-organising brood box frames
EmeraldYY1 1/2 frames BIAS, lots of larvaeabout 1.5 Kgs in super, so they are adding some storesremoved drone trap - 3 in 100 so OKreplace some of the old brood frames
FlaxYY3 frames capped broodOKlook to be supercedingleave for 2 weeks