Colony Inspection – 6th May


Weather distinctly cooler – temperatures around 10-12C, so much colder than normal. A still lots of blossom – Lilac, Wisteria, OSR in countryside.

Did final manipulation on Aqua, so will now leave for 2 weeks before opening up again. Lots of scrub small size QCs + 1 nice size sealed cell – so took it down to just this one.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYN4 frames in parents colonyAbout 2Kg in super.Rearranged with queen rearer on top.Check for emerged queen.
CyanYY8+8 expanded really well.Plenty but needs superMay run out of laying spaceAdd super
DenimNY7 + DTJust starting to work superRemoved 2 stores frames and transferred 1 to A and scraped other above coverCheck for space
EmeraldNY8+7 expanded wellJust starting to work the superRemoved DT - 1:50 OKCheck for laying space