First Weekly Inspection – 2nd April


weather has been very chilly at times and also some bright sunny days with the warmest March day for more than 50 years. Forecast is for it go very cold again with some freezing overnight temperatures. Lots§ of forage – including cherry Hawthorn (very early), camellia, tulips, goat willow catkins.

Bees had taken down a lot of the Ambrosia but have slowed down this past week. Not much in the way of stores in the colonies, so need to keep an eye out for any hint of starvation signs.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
BlueNY2 frames of brood, quite small patternAt least 1 frames, plus a small amount of fondantSmall colony, may need boostingCheck if expanding
BlueNY5 frames of bias, plenty of eggsNot much in hive, but quite a bit of fondant left, added superHad to remove 2 wax moth larvae and 8 dw beesCheck if using super and start varroa control measures
DenimYYQueen was already marked & clipped. Nice brood pattern, no much unsealed brood thoughNot much, plenty of fondant leftNice docile colonyCheck on expansion and start replacing some frames.