Start of 2021 Season March Activity


Had looked at start of March to see which colonies had survived the Winter. Fortunately all 3 have survived, but not very strong so decided to feed half a block, 1.25Kg, Ambrosia to each of them. Weather was fine and sunny but still chilly around 10C. So didn’t inspect just added an eke plus the fondant. First time I have used Ambrosia so will be watching the progress of the colonies in the coming weeks.

quite a lot of forage about with early blossoms, hazel catkins and crocuses.

13th March – checked on how colonies are taking down the Ambrosia. Not much eaten in Aqua and Blue but Denim was half way through so added another 1.25Kg.

27th March – checked on Ambrosia intake.

Aqua -still over half left. Just 2 seams of bees, so not very strong

Blue – none left, so added another half block. 5 seams of bees, strongest of the three

Denim – none left, so added another half block. 4 seams of bees

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNNNot inspected, About 4 seams of bees, not as many as the other 2 colonies In top box - with plenty of storesTook down to just one brood boxCheck on take down of fondant
BlueNNNot inspected, again 4-5 seams of beesPlentySlightly more bees than AquaCheck on take down of fondant
DenimNNNot inspected, 6 seams of beesNot as much as othersLooks to be the strongestCheck on take down of fondant