Weekly Inspection- 11th August


The weather has been really poor the past week. Lots of rain, thundery showers and very little clear spells for the bees to forage. Weather is forecast to improve for the next 2 weeks, so will delay taking off the supers for another couple of weeks.

Blossoming – Ragwort, Hebe, Buddleia, Goldenrod and Rosebay Willowherb

Inspected  Emerald on 14th.

Not much change in the amount of stores collected.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY5 1/2 frames of Bias - pattern still expanding A lot in the brood box, won’t need feeding Bit antsy, but given weather OKCheck queen is present
BlueNY9 frames of Bias 2 full supers, 3rd 1/3 full and drawing foundation on the 4thRemoved varroa trap but forgot to uncap! Put 1 frame of capped brood into Cyan Check on stores
CyanNY4 frames of Bias, some expansion of the brood pattern Not a huge amount- but OKAdded frame of capped brood to strengthen for WinterCheck on egg laying
DenimNY7 frames of Bias- expanded since last inspection 1 full super, 1 2/3rd full and 3rd foundation being drawn out Still expanding Check on the stores and if supers are capped
EmeraldNY7 frames of Bias About 15Kgs in brood boxDoing very well, should be OK for going into WinterCheck if needs feeding