Weekly Inspection – 11th July


Weather has improved but still quite a few showers- temperatures around early 20C.

forage still plentiful- borage, privet, ragwort

Stronger colonies are storing plenty of honey. Need to keep an eye on space in supers.

moved swarm from bait hive to River Mole apiary site and put onto open mesh floor.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY4 and bit frames of biasPlenty in brood box but not the super Moved super to BlueRemove varroa trap frame
BlueYY9 frames bias2nd super 3/4 fullAdded 3rd super, still expanding Remove varroa trap frame
CyanNY2.5 frames of biasPlenty in the brood frames Not as many bees as I thought, made up to 11 frames Check on expansion
DenimYY7 frames of bias Super 3/4 fullRemoved varroa trap- high mite count 6 in 100 avgNeed to add super mid-week
EmeraldYY4 frames of bias- lot of eggs Plenty in the brood frames, lots of pollen Starting to draw drone frame, nice temperament Moved onto open mesh floor. Check on expansion