Weekly Inspection 1st July


Weather has been OK for beginning of July – temperatures just below average around 20-22C.

flowering – cow parsley, geranium, Manuka, borage

interesting week – added 2 capped frames to cast (Emerald) (still not hatched out 5 days later)

saw 1st charged queen cell in Blue – only one

caught large swarm (Cyan) in the bait hive on 30th June – left in situ for now. Not inspected, so will check, feed and move to Out apiary during week

update on swarm – inspection on 6th July

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY4 and a bit of bias - not many eggsNo activity in the super yetStarting to draw drone frameCheck on ability to survive the Winter - May combine with emerald
BlueYY8 frames of bias, 1 charged QC - took down About 6 and 2 KgsDrone frame being laid upNeed to check on supersedure
CyanYY2 and a bit frames with eggsQuite a bit of nectar, added frame feeder with 1kg sugar syrupNice size queen, already layingMove to out apiary at weekend and add 3 frames of foundation
DenimYY6 frames of bias, not many eggs About 1Kg in superStarting to draw drone frame Check on swarming
EmeraldYY4 frames of bias- 2 were donor capped brood from BlueHave finished full frame feederDrawing drone frame Need to decide if strong enough to survive Winter