Weekly Inspection 1st June – weather finally improves


The weather has suddenly changed and the temperatures have shot up by 10C to 24C this last week. Still lots of forage- chestnut, osr, hawthorn, green alkanet is everywhere

was a bit late inspecting as I was away for a few days, but no real impact on the state of the colonies but probably missed uncapping some of the drone brood in Denim.

finally getting some stores in, was getting concerned as DEFRA had sent out a starvation warning after the exceptionally wet May.

added 2 supers on 2nd June to D & B – mix of drawn comb and foundation

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY3 frames, not many eggsPlenty of nectar in brood framesHaven’t expanded much despite donor frame from previous weekSee if expansion continues
BlueNY7 frames, not many eggs, down from previous weekHave drawn the super and now 1/3rd filled in a weekRemoved varroa drone trap - 4 per 100. Big improvement Add 2nd super asap
DenimNY5 frames, think it’s stopped expanding Lot of nectar in brood framesSlight expansion sidewaysAdd QE plus super asap