Weekly Inspection – 22nd May


Weather has been distinctly cold and wet. Temperatures around 12 – 14C, well below normal. Talk of it being one of the wettest Mays on record.

Flowering- chestnut, apple, hawthorn, oilseed rape

It’s 2 weeks since last inspection, so was expecting to see some stores but I guess because of the weather they are still some way off working the supers.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY3 frames of brood, so has expanded but not by muchQuite a lot of uncapped nectar.Found queen, so clipped and marked. Added frame of capped brood from BlueCheck if extra bees is helping
BlueNY9 frames bias, good expansion Not much stores, not touched the superTook 1 frame capped to AquaCheck on super - remove drone trap
DenimYY7 frames of brood, so expanding still Not much storesNice temperamentRemove drone trap and add super