Weekly Inspection 23rd June


The weather this past week turned poor with a lot of rain and temperatures dropping down to less than 20C. Forecast is for it to improve.

Flowering at the moment is: manuka in full flower, green alkanet, globe buddleia, elderflower very abundant and geranium

Collected cast that had occupied my swarm collection hive  – swarms hard to come by with less than 10% of calls compared to usual. Cast has laying queen and has eggs and uncapped larvae on 1 frame. Bees are covering 2 frames. Marked & clipped her. Added 2 frames of capped brood from Blue.

Uncapped 2 varroa traps- good results at a relatively early stage in the season

Still not much stores being brought in

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY5 frames bias, not many eggs Plenty in brood boxAdded super, only 1 varroa in 200 cells in drone brood Check if working super
BlueYY9 frames bias, quite a few queen cups2/3rd in 1st super & 1kg in 2ndRemoved drone brood 2 in 200 cellsMay takes some frames into the cast
DenimNY6 frames biasJust working super, no stores yet1/2 drone frame drawnCheck on drone frame