Weekly Inspection- 6th June


Well the weather has changed with temperatures in the early 20C and the forecast is for this to continue for the next two weeks.

still a lot of forage – chestnut finishing, green Alkanet, hawthorn

only 5 days since previous inspection, so wasn’t expecting much change.


Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY4 frames bias plus eggs on 5th frame in drone trap Plenty of nectar in brood frames Has expanded, but not many bees, so no need for a super Check on drone trap
BlueYY8 frames of bias, so has expanded again Super about 1/2 full, nothing in 2nd one Finally found queen and marked & clippedCheck queen is OK - I was a bit clumsy handling her
DenimYY7 frames of bias- so expanded outwards at last Nothing in super but plenty in the brood frames Again nice temperament Check on drone trap and activity in super