Weekly Inspection- 9th May


Weather has continued cold, only now starting to warm up. Temps around 12C.

Still plenty of forage in flower: apple, dandelion, hawthorn, oilseed rape (not near me though)

Put out the bait hive – seen plenty of bees checking it out, which is a good sign as I don’t have bees in my home apiary site.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY2.5 frames of bias- saw the queen but didn’t manage to mark her.Some in the brood frames, but not capped Has expanded slightly, eggs on the outer edgesCould do with strengthening- might add frame from Blue
BlueNY7 frames bias- expanding with eggs at outer edge of brood framesNothing in the super Bees were a bit antsy, flying up at meCheck drone trap
DenimYY6 frames of biasSome nectar, but no capped storesStill not expanding to outer framesCheck if laying the drone trap