Weekly Inspection – April 14th


Decided to check on colonies to see if they are coming into Spring in good shape. 2 of the 3 are doing OK and 1 looks to be struggling. Topped up feed for 2 colonies as they were low on stores.

Weather is very variable – some very sunny days but temperatures are still cold 7-8C most days. Also overnight temperatures getting down to freezing. Forecast is to start warming up.

plenty of blossom – pear, quince nearly finished. Cherry still around and hawthorn is out.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaNY1.5 frames -struggling Topped up Ambrosia - most of it had been taken downWill need to look at strengthening the colony - possibly with brood from one of the othersCheck on number bees
BlueNY5 frames, expandingPlenty of nectar coming in, so didn’t feedTook out some dwf bees and 2 wax moth larvaCheck if they are starting to use super
DenimNY4.5 framesNot much in BB, added 1/2 pack AmbrosiaExpanding nicely with eggs on outer edges of broodCheck on stores, add super