Weekly inspection – August 1st


Weather has been variable, temperatures early 20s. Forecast is for more heavy showers and temperatures in the early 20s again.

Plenty of forage still available, flowering – Hebe, Buddleia, Ragwort, Veronica (finishing) and bramble

Bees have been bringing in plenty of honey and are all doing very well.

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY6 frames of bias, still expandingPlenty in brood box.Doing well, nice temperament Heft for Winter preparation
BlueYY9 frames of bias, lots of eggs, so still in full lay3rd box 2/3rd full and just starting to draw 4thGoing really wellCheck if frames are bing sealed
CyanNY4 frames of bias Reasonable amount in brood boxQuite aggressive, flying up at me, stung 3 timesCheck on Winter prep., see if temper is OK
DenimYY7 frames bias3rd super just starting to be workedBit of an odour on 1 side of brood nestCheck for disease
EmeraldYY6 frames bias, lots of eggsLots in the brood framesDoing really well, nice temperament Check on expansion, candidate for queen breeder for next year