Weekly Inspection- July 26th


Weather has been much improved – temperatures in the mid-20C. One or 2 heavy showers but bees seem to be doing OK.

Still plenty of forage- Ragwort, Goldenrod, bramble, hebe and also Rosebay Willowherb just starting.

Bees doing well, bringing in plenty of stores.

Cast (Emerald) has expanded really well and is now on 6 frames BIAS.

Need to make up 3 frames to fill out cast  and replace manky frame in Aqua

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY6 frames BIAS, expanded really well.Plenty in the brood frames Doing well and should be strong enough to go into WinterReplace one of the old brood frames
BlueNY9 frames BIAS2 full supers, 1/2 3rd and starting to draw foundation on 4thExpanding stillKeep an eye on the supers
CyanNY4 and a bit BIAS, expanded slightlyStarting to store in the outer frames Looks like it’s expanding slowlyCheck on continued expansion
DenimYY6 and a bit frames of BIAS1 full, 1 half full, just starting on 3rdFinally expanded Check on super activity
EmeraldNY6 frames of BIASPlenty in the outer brood framesQuite aggressiveAdd 2 brood frames to make up to 11