This page is about the queens that head my colonies. Most of the queens are related to one another and come from 3 main lines

1) Thornes supplied queen – marked and clipped

2) Swarm collected from neighbours garden in 2013 – virgin queen

3) Queen from nuc colony from an RBKA member in 2013 –  heads most of my current colonies

Queen Characteristics
AquaSwarm collected2013MarkedProlific and good tempered
BlueSupersedure2014NoToo early to comment
CyanSplit from Honeydew2014NoToo early to comment
DenimSplit from Green2014NoToo early to comment
EmeraldQueen cell from Honeydew (orginally Cyan)2014NoToo early to comment
GreenThornes2013Marked and clippedProlific but not good tempered
HoneydewMoved from Cyan to Honeydew
split. Supersedure from RBKA member’s colony
2013MarkedGood temper, not that prolific
FlaxQueen cell from Honeydew (originally Cyan)2014no
Too early to comment