Some plans on the equipment I construct to help with my beekeeping.

Most of the plans are developed in Sketchup and then I print these out to act as an aid when building the various components. I have tried to incluse a pdf download which hopefully contains all the information incuded in the article including a full page plan with measurements.

I have a well equipped workshop which enables me to  make most things I need. The only items I tend to buy are the Hoffman frames as they are too fiddly and time consuming to make.

  • Single Hive stand

    Simple hive stand, easy to construct but also sturdy enough to support a hive with lots of supers

  • Triple Hive Stand

    A stand that can support 2 or 3 hives. More difficult to make than the single stand. Can also be folded up to make it easier to move around between apiary sites.

Reigate Beekeepers Auction for 2012

Starting to get ready for what has become the annual auction for my association. With 6 weeks to go I have got around 100 lots but from just a few sellers so far. I will need to chase people up and send out reminders to get more sellers registered.

Last year there around 150 lots which took just over 3 hours to get through. Some real surprises in terms of prices fetched, for example:

  1. Bees – full size colony, just bees – no hives: £300
  2. Brood boxes – Nationals in poor condition: £24
  3. Super boxes – Dadant: £8
  4. Dadant – complete cedar hive: £25
  5. Last year we were really lucky with the weather, so fingers are crossed for a similar sort of day this time around.

    In case you are interested it’s on Saturday, 31st March 2012 and more information is on the Reigate website at: auction details

Annual Oxalic Acid Treatment

Annual treatment with Oxalic Acid for Varroa control. Temperature around 9c, bit warm but didn’t want to leave it any later in the month as one of the main triggers for the queen to lay is day length. Didn’t open up the hives, just applied 5ml of Oxalic acid to each seam of bees.

8-1-2012: Oxalic Acid Treatment
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 fairly active
weakest colony check store in a month
 very strong
 plenty of stores
 not treated