Reigate Beekeepers Auction 2012

The auction for bees and beekeeping equipment was held on 31st March at the club’s apiary site in Mickleham. Once again the weather held fine and we had a good turn out. Paynes Beekeeping also had a stand selling new stuff and seemed to do a reasonable trade during the day.

With around 130 lots there was certainly a lot to get through. Highlights were the bees as usual with the 2 full size colonies fetching £180 and £200 which I thought was quite reasonable when compared to bee breeders asking for £130-£150 for a nuc.

Other items sold included:

  1. 2 x national supers – £16
  2. Observation hive, nicely made – £62
  3. Complete National hive including brood box and 2 supers – £65
  4. New National brood box, assembled – £24
  5. Manual extractors – 3 sold for £50 – £75

Once again I struggled to auction off the Dadant equipment and ended up only getting £10 for about 5 old hives.

Not many unsold lots and these tended to be for equipment in very poor condition. I have to say that on the whole I think the buyers got items quite cheaply.