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Reigate Beekeepers Auction 2012

The auction for bees and beekeeping equipment was held on 31st March at the club’s apiary site in Mickleham. Once again the weather held fine and we had a good turn out. Paynes Beekeeping also had a stand selling new stuff and seemed to do a reasonable trade during the day. With around 130 lots […]

Managing More Bees

One of the local members of my association has asked me to look after his bees as he’s not able to. So I will be managing his 3 colonies for this coming season, which are based in an out apiary site about 3 miles away. Went to look at the bees tonight to check on […]

Making Up and Feeding Pollen Substitute

Made up some pollen substitute and put on my colonies today, as I need very strong colonies for my plan to increase the number of colonies from 4 to 8. I gave each one a 1lb “patty”. Looking on various websites I decided that the simplest formula was: 1.5Kg soya flour 500g brewers yeast 1Kg […]

Bees Flying & Dying

First nice day we have had for some time and the temperature has got up to 9°C and the bees are flying. However, the colony that I thought was weakest hasn’t survived. A quick look through indicates some dead bees on the frames but not enough for a viable colony. I don’t know whether it […]

Reigate Beekeepers Auction for 2012

Starting to get ready for what has become the annual auction for my association. With 6 weeks to go I have got around 100 lots but from just a few sellers so far. I will need to chase people up and send out reminders to get more sellers registered. Last year there around 150 lots […]

Annual Oxalic Acid Treatment

Annual treatment with Oxalic Acid for Varroa control. Temperature around 9c, bit warm but didn’t want to leave it any later in the month as one of the main triggers for the queen to lay is day length. Didn’t open up the hives, just applied 5ml of Oxalic acid to each seam of bees.   […]