Hi, I’m a beekeeper in Surrey and I started the 2024 season with 6 colonies, after 1 colony was queenless and 2 colonies died out over the Winter. I have made quite a lot of my hive equipment and you can find some of the plans on the site. This year my focus will be on increasing the number of colonies to around 10 through splits. I will also be acting as an Asian Hornet coordinator for my local association.

My Beekeeping

I have been keeping bees for around 20 years. I will be focussed on trying to get a reasonable honey crop. I use mainly 14 x 12 National equipment but still have some of the standard BS National hives I started out with.


General information on what to think about if you are getting started on beekeeping as well as articles on apiary management. I try and rear my own queens using grafting and and a Cloake board. Go to Articles


Asection with the main plans that I use for building some of my hive equipment.I have built other stuff, such as a solar wax melter, oxalic acid vaopriser but not got around to uploading the plans. For the completed equipment articles go to Plans


Coming into the 2024 season I have decided that I would try and keep my beekeeping blog updated over the course of the season. I will post about my successes and failures as well as add to the articles and techniques section. The season is just getting going after a relatively cold Winter and a very wet start to Spring.