Bees not surviving into Spring

Colony Dying Out as it comes into Spring

One of my colonies came through the Winter with three seams of bees and very small patches of brood and after checking on it 3 weeks after the initial season inspection it has died out. There were plenty of stores so haven’t starved but obviously haven’t had the numbers needed to keep the brood temperature up. The dead bees are clustered on the frames which is always a sad sight.

So whilst February was very warm the weather in the second half of March turned cold with some days of sleet. No overnight frosts but certainly chilly. In hindsight I should have either moved the colony into a nuc or added a frame of brood from one of the stronger colonies.

It’s always a challenge at the start of the season as the other colonies are only just starting to build up and therefore it’s easier to put off a decision rather than taking decisive action.