Yellow Legged Asian Hornet – What Do They Eat?

Foraging and dietary habits of the yellow legged Asian hornet threat posed to Honeybees and potential economic impact from loss of pollinators with more than 150 species found making up YLAH diet

Asian hornet face

Yellow Legged Asian Hornet – Is It Dangerous?

Is a a yellow legged Asian Hornet sting more painful than that of a Bee or a wasp?
typically wasp venom is more poisonous but there’s less of it than a bee sting.
Have there been more deaths reported because of YLAH?
In France where they have had YLAH present for a while there doesn’t seem to be more deaths and hospitalisations.

Asian hornet queen nest

Yellow Legged Asian Hornet – Current UK Situation

What’s the Status of Yellow Legged Asian Hornet in mainland UK?
Currently the number of confirmed sightings this year to end of May is 15 YLAH, all in Kent and E Sussex

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Bait Hive – Hints and Tips

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