Swarm arriving at bait hive

I put a bait hive out about 10 days ago and today managed to get a prime swarm. I’d seen a few scout bees investigating the hive over the past few days, but wasn’t expecting to see a big swarm take over the hive.

The bees arrived around 12:00 and completely covered the front of the hive – after an hour they had all made their way in.  A few foragers started to emerge,  but not a significant number.

Around 8:00pm I went to check on them to decide what to do next. I was going to either feed them in situ and leave or move to the apiary. As thee hive weren’t too heavy, I decided it was best to move them – I know that in a week’s time they would have gained quite a few Kgs in weight! After putting them in the apiary I fed them with syrup in a frame feeder to which I added some drops of Nozevit just in case they had Nosema given the prevalence of it this year. Looks to be about eight seams of Bees, and judging by their behaviour, had already started to draw the foundation.

It will be interesting to see what temperament they have, and if the Queen is marked given the number of Bees, it’s a prime swarm so should have a mated Queen.

Update on 21st May – after just 3 days they have drawn 6 frames of foundation and eggs have been laid