Weekly Inspection – 18th July


Weather has really improved- temperatures are now in the mid 20C and set to continue for the next week or so.

In flower – borage, hebe, ragwort and bramble just started

Bees have been bringing in plenty of nectar and will need to add additional supers

22nd July – added extra supers to Blue & Denim

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY7 frames of bias- expanded brood pattern About 4 Kg in 2nd super Doing really well Will need to add 3rd super
BlueNY9 frames of bias 2 full supers and 3 Kg in 3rd superDrone frame laid with worker brood, so left in placeNeed to add 4th super
CyanNY4 frames of bias Plenty of stores in brood frames Not as many bees as I was expecting Check on continued expansion
DenimNY5 frames of bias Lot of stores in the brood frames Removed varroa trap- 1 in 100. Good stateAdd super for space