Weekly Inspection- 11th August

The weather has been really poor the past week. Lots of rain, thundery showers and very little clear spells for the bees to forage. Weather is forecast to improve for the next 2 weeks, so will delay taking off the supers for another couple of weeks.

Blossoming – Ragwort, Hebe, Buddleia, Goldenrod and Rosebay Willowherb

Inspected  Emerald on 14th.

Not much change in the amount of stores collected.

Weekly inspection – August 1st

Weather has been variable, temperatures early 20s. Forecast is for more heavy showers and temperatures in the early 20s again.

Plenty of forage still available, flowering – Hebe, Buddleia, Ragwort, Veronica (finishing) and bramble

Bees have been bringing in plenty of honey and are all doing very well.

Weekly Inspection- July 26th

Weather has been much improved – temperatures in the mid-20C. One or 2 heavy showers but bees seem to be doing OK.

Still plenty of forage- Ragwort, Goldenrod, bramble, hebe and also Rosebay Willowherb just starting.

Bees doing well, bringing in plenty of stores.

Cast (Emerald) has expanded really well and is now on 6 frames BIAS.

Need to make up 3 frames to fill out cast  and replace manky frame in Aqua

Weekly Inspection – 18th July

Weather has really improved- temperatures are now in the mid 20C and set to continue for the next week or so.

In flower – borage, hebe, ragwort and bramble just started

Bees have been bringing in plenty of nectar and will need to add additional supers

22nd July – added extra supers to Blue & Denim

Weekly Inspection – 11th July

Weather has improved but still quite a few showers- temperatures around early 20C.

forage still plentiful- borage, privet, ragwort

Stronger colonies are storing plenty of honey. Need to keep an eye on space in supers.

moved swarm from bait hive to River Mole apiary site and put onto open mesh floor.

Weekly Inspection 1st July

Weather has been OK for beginning of July – temperatures just below average around 20-22C.

flowering – cow parsley, geranium, Manuka, borage

interesting week – added 2 capped frames to cast (Emerald) (still not hatched out 5 days later)

saw 1st charged queen cell in Blue – only one

caught large swarm (Cyan) in the bait hive on 30th June – left in situ for now. Not inspected, so will check, feed and move to Out apiary during week

update on swarm – inspection on 6th July

Weekly Inspection 23rd June

The weather this past week turned poor with a lot of rain and temperatures dropping down to less than 20C. Forecast is for it to improve.

Flowering at the moment is: manuka in full flower, green alkanet, globe buddleia, elderflower very abundant and geranium

Collected cast that had occupied my swarm collection hive  – swarms hard to come by with less than 10% of calls compared to usual. Cast has laying queen and has eggs and uncapped larvae on 1 frame. Bees are covering 2 frames. Marked & clipped her. Added 2 frames of capped brood from Blue.

Uncapped 2 varroa traps- good results at a relatively early stage in the season

Still not much stores being brought in

Weekly Inspection- June 12th

Weather has continued to be very warm – temperatures now averaging mid 20Cs. No rain in sight for the next two weeks. Forage starting to get less abundant but still flowering:

green alkanet, elderflower, wisteria, pyracantha and geranium just starting.

All colonies have continued to expand and as yet no signs of swarming. Starting to see much more stores being collected.

Weekly Inspection- 6th June

Well the weather has changed with temperatures in the early 20C and the forecast is for this to continue for the next two weeks.

still a lot of forage – chestnut finishing, green Alkanet, hawthorn

only 5 days since previous inspection, so wasn’t expecting much change.


Weekly Inspection 1st June – weather finally improves

The weather has suddenly changed and the temperatures have shot up by 10C to 24C this last week. Still lots of forage- chestnut, osr, hawthorn, green alkanet is everywhere

was a bit late inspecting as I was away for a few days, but no real impact on the state of the colonies but probably missed uncapping some of the drone brood in Denim.

finally getting some stores in, was getting concerned as DEFRA had sent out a starvation warning after the exceptionally wet May.

added 2 supers on 2nd June to D & B – mix of drawn comb and foundation