Weekly Inspection- 3rd May


Weather: improve slightly with temperatures averaging 15°C to 17°C. Plenty of showers and one very heavy thunderstorm.

Forage: chestnut, Hawthorn, lilac, green alkanet

The modified Snellgrove on blue hive isn’t progressing very well. May need to introduce frame of eggs to encourage queen cell building

Hive Record
CommentNext Inspection
AquaYY12 frames of bias, still expandingNothing in superNeed to decide on whether to split or stay on double brood Check for expansion and super activity
BlueNNDropbox had had four queen cells - took down to one, bottom box not much brewedPlenty in brood frames and nectar coming inNot progressing very wellCheck for Queen and bias in bottom box, and queen emerging in top box
CyanYYFive frames of biasAbout 1 kg in superManaged to mark the queen very badly - fingers crossed she’s not rejectedCheck on Queen
DenimNNQueen cell torn down, just capped broodPlenty in boxI did frame of eggs from AquaCheck on Queen rearing
FlaxNYFour frames of bias with expanded brood pattern, lots of eggsBringing in nectarOne charged Queen cell taken downCheck on swarming and continue replacing frames
GreenYYTwo frames of biasNot much but bringing in some nectarNot many Bees so look to strengthenAdd capped brood frame from Aqua probably